The Isle of Wight Dog Festival

Updated 17th March 2020

Given the current uncertainty surrounding UK events we have taken the difficult decision to postpone all Dog Festival events until 2021.

We have talked it over at length for the last week or so and whilst we are disappointed we have agreed as a team that proceeding would be irresponsible.

First and foremost there are safety concerns, especially since a lot of our event attendees fall into the elderly/at risk category.

Secondly, we are only a small team of private individuals with no official backing (sponsorship is non existent at this point with the uncertainty facing local business owners) and if we were to go ahead with plans for events later in the year, the upfront cost would need to be met now in advance by our little team and if things continue and events do not take place this cost would be non recoverable.

We have a small amount of funding left from last year and this will now be set aside for next year’s festival.

In the meantime, we will continue to do everything we can to help out the local dog community and we hope many of you will do the same.

If a vulnerable neighbour/friend/family member has a dog, do contact them and see if you can help.
Keep in mind that there are drop off points all over our lovely island for donations of pet food/supplies.
Support your local doggy businesses, things are going to get rough for small business owners. Shop local. Leave reviews. Recommend services.

Wishing everyone good health and that this all blows over as quickly and as smoothly as possible!

All the best,

Team DogFest.

A big thank you to our Sponsors & Partners.